Welcome Android Developpers

Welcome Android Developpers
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Friday, July 5, 2013

Bluetooth Tutorial by Android2EE available on GitHub


Good news for those who bought the book "A Quick Course Android" or "Android A Complete Course," the Bluetooth Android2EE's  tutorial is finally available. I drop it on GitHub at the following address:


This tutorial explains thoroughly the establishment of a communication between two Bluetooth devices. It contains three activities and a service which aims to set up a chat between two devices.

The EnableActivity activity can detect if the Bluetooth is turned on or off and engage otherwise.

The DiscoveryActivity activity can set device discoverable, detect others Bluetooth devices and then connect to the one selected.

Once the connection is established, the Application object holds the socket, launches communication  service between the two devices and also launching the communication activity.

Communication activity binds with the communication service, receives and sends messages to the other device. It also stops, starts or kills the service. Murder service also frees the socket.

The simplified class diagram:
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