Welcome Android Developpers

Welcome Android Developpers
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Android push methods

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Sometimes it is very useful for our applications to be notified from our server (well of your server for your applications). This method is called the push and can send notifications to your application.
There are several "sioux" tricks there (via SMS, with a permanent connection to your http server ...). But the problem of "sioux" tricks is that they are not relevant when a turnkey solution is provided by the Android SDK itself. (In french a "sioux" trick is a ultimate trick, an indian trick, don't know the right translation).
In fact, Google makes available to developers servers designed for push and implementing commands that enable you to implement it in your application. This service Android Cloud to Device Messaging Framework also known as the C2DM allows you to implement this feature. Like many of Google features, you must register to enjoy.
The Google tutorial (still very bright) enables you in a "jiffy and two shots ladles" to implement this service:

And a good push to you: o)

So, Thanks who?
Thanks, Android2ee, the Android Programming Ebooks :o)

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