Welcome Android Developpers

Welcome Android Developpers
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Friday, April 6, 2012

Export Aborted because fatal lint errors where found... WTF !!!.

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So today, you woke up this morning and thought, "I would rebuild my Android application, good idea". You didn't change anything, but when you do "Android Tools-> Export signed application" a strange message appeared on the top of eclipse:
"Export aborted because fatal lint errors were found. These are listed in the Lint View... Blablabla..."

Ok so you took your coffe and now you're back again in front of the computer trying to find the Lint View. And you read in the LintView the following message when you click on the line "Obsolete Proguard File...":
Obsolete ProGuard file; use -keepclasseswithmembers instead of -keepclasseswithmembernames

Issue: Looks for problems in proguard config files
Id: Proguard

Using -keepclasseswithmembernames in a proguard config file is not correct; it can cause some symbols to be renamed which should not be.
Earlier versions of ADT used to create proguard.cfg files with the wrong format. Instead of -keepclasseswithmembernames use -keepclasseswithmembers, since the old flags also implies "allow shrinking" which means symbols only referred to from XML and not Java (such as possibly CustomViews) can get deleted.


Ok don't panic, open your proguard-project.txt (it's a file at the root of your eclipse project) and just change the words keepclasseswithmembernames by keepclasseswithmember (delete name at the end of the word). (you should have 3 changes to do).
Save the file (it is renammed as proguard.cfg automaticly), relaunch the  "Android Tools-> Export signed application" , it works.

This is due to the ADT update to the version 17.

So, Thanks who?
Thanks, Android2ee, the Android Programming Ebooks :o)

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